Upper Swabia-Allgäu CYcle Tour

Baroque splendour and wonderful nature

The Upper Swabia-Allgäu Cycle Route combines the natural and cultural treasures of Upper Swabia and Baden-Württemberg’s part of the Allgäu region on a 365-kilometre circular route. The route takes you through protected biodiverse areas and over rolling hills, with baroque churches and monasteries, and grand palaces and castles lining the route.


The route starts in Ulm on the Danube and goes clockwise through beautiful little towns and villages like Laupheim, Wangen, Markdorf and Aulendorf, past castles and palaces and baroque churches and monasteries back to the start. It’s quite hilly in parts, but with plenty of opportunity for relaxation too. The foothills of the Alps, with its idyllic villages and farms, form the backdrop for a truly picture-perfect tour. There are also always spectacular views of the Swiss Alps, which you will be able to see from the southern shore of Lake Constance. The idyllic region of Upper Swabia-Allgäu has so much to offer!

This circular route will show you everything Upper Swabia and Baden-Württemberg’s part of the Allgäu region are known for. You can experience Swabian hospitality in the inns and beer gardens with regional specialities in the small Allgäu cheese dairies and the many local traditional breweries. 

Historical buildings and museums lie in store for those interested in art, and the many pools and thermal baths are ready and waiting for those seeking relaxation. The tradition of the baths here in Upper Swabia can be traced back to the moor as a natural remedy. 

Along the route, through the Wurzacher Ried nature preserve and the Federsee reeds, you can marvel at the moorland with its special and rare biodiversity. Hidden in the Federsee moor are pile dwellings from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Three sites have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage ‘Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps’ since 2011. 

If you then combine the Upper Swabia-Allgäu Cycle Route with the Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Route, you will have so many options available to you that a bike tour alone will definitely not be enough.

In eight Stages  

 through Upper Swabia 
& the Württembergische Allgäu

Places and Tourist Destinations

along the Upper Swabia-Allgäu Cycle Route

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This tour goes up and down hills through lush green meadows and the most beautiful historic towns and villages. Past baroque churches and stately castles, protected areas and extensive moor lakes. Numerous health resorts and holiday resorts invite you to discover the historical buildings and visit numerous museums. Winding alleyways wait to be explored and delicacies to be tasted. Get to know and love the Oberschwaben-Allgäu holiday region!

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"It's not as crowded for a long time as on Lake Constance. I never thought that cycling here would be so wonderful."

Thorsten from Vienna


Practical information 

for your cycling holiday in Upper Swabia

You can see the detailed route for the Upper Swabia-Allgäu Cycle Route on the map. You can also find a list of cyclist-friendly accommodation in the Upper Swabia-Allgäu holiday region here. Many hosts have made changes to make sure they are able to accommodate cyclists, and are certified through ADFC’s Bett+Bike scheme. In addition to a bike storage room, they often also offer luggage transfer or a charging stations for e-bikes. You can conveniently plan your tour from home or access the information en route either on this page or via the Outdooractive app. 

Tip: the cycling trip can also be booked through Feuer & Eis Touristik.


The Upper Swabia-Allgäu Cycle Route is equipped with a two-way signage to help to find your way in both directions!