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Ravensburg, formerly a major trade hub in the late Middle Ages, is still the economic centre of the region of Lake Constance and Upper Swabia today. Known as the city of towers and gates Ravensburg is home to seventeen towers and gates – round and square, with crenels and machicolations, brightly coloured and with simple patterns – that stand as elegant witnesses of former centuries. One is the town’s landmark, the Mehlsack (Flour Bag) built in 1425. From Blaserturm at the heart of the old town, visitors can look down on the brightly tiled roofs and enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the hills of the Allgäu region, glittering Lake Constance and even the snow-covered Alps. 

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Four museums in Ravensburg’s old town are a magnet for culture buffs. Museum of games Museum Ravensburger is especially interesting for families and offers visitors an exciting experience in the world of Ravensburger, the company with the famous blue triangle. Three further museums, the Humpis-Quartier, the award-winning Ravensburg Art Museum and the Museum of Economis form a great basis for an interesting and educational stay in Ravensburg. 

For families who love to play Ravensburg is just the right choice.  Every September at "Ravensburg at play", the entire town is transformed into a giant playroom. Just outside the town's gates, the Ravensburger Spieleland theme park offers over sixty attractions for children and adults alike to explore and have fun.

“Ravensburg spielt” every year, at the end of the summer holidays, this invitation reaches thousands of people to become acquainted with new games or to rediscover traditional ones. Adults play together with children, the young play with the old – everyone seems to be playing indoors and outside…

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